Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

There are only a few steps involved in the process. 1) You supply specific company information - uploading any necessary information. 2) Agree to the terms of sale. 3) Make payment. 4) Receive your final paperwork in real-time.

What Does it Cost?

Depending on your locality and options you select, our fee ranges from $1k to $2k.

Advantages of Our Service?

As long as the business exists, it is liable for taxes and other fees. With our service, ownership of the business is transferred to us – along with assets and liabilities. You are no longer liable. This is a much simpler process than dissolution where you must pay not only the shutdown costs, but also all outstanding debts/liabilities.

How is this different from other business closure websites/services?

Other services focus on dissolution of your business. It’s a method to notify state & federal authorities you are no longer in business. The problem is that with traditional shutdown services, it is not just paperwork – all the debt/liabilities must be paid to complete the process. Our services does not dissolve your business, but instead we purchase it directly from you. You are not required to pay the outstanding liabilities/debt.

What happens to the assets of your business?

The assets (and debt) transfer to us with the sale. Any intellectual property, copyrights, real property, etc. owned by your company is included in the transfer.

Final Paperwork?

As part of our real-time transaction, we provide the necessary documentation for the sale of your business. You can use this to inform your state, federal, and debtors of the sale of your business. We offer an additional certified mail service option where we notify state & federal tax authorities on your behalf – simplifying the process even more.

How long will the process take?

If you have your corporate documents handy - e.g. Articles of Incorporation, latest financial statement, etc., it should take less than 10 minutes.

Required Documentation?

Federal & State Tax ID numbers; Company formation document(s); Listing of assets & liabilities.

Is This Legal?

Completely! We are simply purchasing your business – all the good and bad along with it.

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